Practical Property Services UK Ltd


Standard job costs

All jobs will be individually quoted based on the particular requirements of the homeowner, the costs and timescales listed below are a guideline for some typical tasks. All prices include parts and labour except where detailed.

Installing new washing machine / dishwasher plumbing to a local water supply

Approx time: 3 hrs

Approx cost: £105

Details: Cost based on running 2 x 2m lengths of 15mm copper pipe to 2 x washing machine valves, plus 2m of 32mm waste pipe with u-bend to local drainage point. All fitting and testing of machine included.

Replace sockets / light fittings*

Approx time: 1 hr

Approx cost: £35

Details: Cost based on direct replacement of an old socket with a brand new one of the same size, or replacing an existing light fitting with either a plain ceiling rose or light fitting provided by the customer. *basic fittings included in cost (i.e. plain white socket or basic ceiling rose), or fitting customer supplied alternative.

Fitting customer provided Shelves or Curtain rail

Approx time: 2 hrs

Approx cost: £58

Details: Cost based on fitting three customer provided shelves or a customer provided straight curtain rail.

Fitting outside security light

Approx time: 4 hrs

Approx cost: £135

Details: Cost based on running a fused spur from ring main to a standard 500W halogen floodlight fitted with PIR detector. Internal fused spur switch to be fitted in surface mounted pattress box.
Cost includes minor works Part-P testing and certification.

Replacing basin taps

Approx time: 4 hrs

Approx cost: £175

Details: Cost and time based on customer providing similar sized taps to original ones and both taps being able to able isolated easily from the water supply.

Replacing 10m length of old fence with new concrete posts and 6, featheredge panels

Approx time: 2 days

Approx cost: £1080

Details: Remove and disposal of old fence posts and panels, and replaced with 7 concrete posts and 6, 1800mmx1800mm plain featheredge panels with 150mm concrete gravel boards. All posts and gravel boards set in concrete.

Tiling Shower Cubicle

Approx time: 2 days

Approx cost: £396

Details: Fully tile 90cm x 90cm shower cubical on 3 sides to 2.4m high in plain white tiles + grouting with waterproof grout and finished with edging strips. Assuming clean, dry surfaces to tile onto.

Insulating and boarding loft

Approx time: 1.5 days

Approx cost: £735

Details: Provide & lay 250mm fibreglass insulation before boarding a square 6mx6m area of loft. Assuming loft is clear and all joists are clean from top surface wiring/pipes etc.

Supplying power and lighting to detached garage or garden shed

Approx time: 2 days

Approx cost: £730

Details: Run new circuit from original consumer unit to 10m underground armoured cable. Garage fitted with 2 way, RCD protected distribution board with lighting/power circuits supplying 2 way lighting circuit fitted with 2 lamps and 2x2 way 13 amp surface mounted sockets. Separated earth in external building to earth electrode rod. Assuming less than 5m run from original consumer unit to external wall and soil/grass run from house exit point to garage. Part-P periodic testing and full installation testing included. New electrical installation is based on original installation being in good condition and adequate to support additional load required by Garage/Shed.